Business Coaching

Coaching and individualized training are very effective tools for personnel development and employee retention. They can help to defuse conflicts in teams, improve cooperation, increase the personal satisfaction of employees and thus secure the productivity of the company in the long term. 
My work focuses on supporting and developing individuals, which ideally will lead to more motivated, committed and successful teamwork.

Coaching is a resource- and solution-oriented way of accompanying people through change processes. Coaching takes place "without advice". The solution lies entirely with the client and is open. The coach provides support at the process level, achieving co-production with the client in the coach-client system. 

As a certified systemic business and personal coach as well as a certified intercultural trainer, I can support your employees in the following areas
Professional development and role changes within the organisation
Dealing professionally with challenging situations
Acceptance and facilitation of change
Burnout Prevention/Life Balance
Orientation before and during an international assignment 

The integration of people from different cultural backgrounds has always been a special focus of my work. My services are available in German, English and Spanish.


After an initial discussion with the manager and the employee, a detailed clarification of the objectives takes place in the manager/employee/coach triangle, if desired.
This is followed by the definition of an optimal goal and the creation of a road map for the coaching sessions and review meetings. For a detailed quote, please contact me.