I can help you grow with different services and offers

Coaching can...

  • Find, define and implement personal and professional goals
  • Help you to re-start your career
  • Evaluate and implement change processes
  • Support personality development and personal growth
  • Resolve internal and external conflicts
  • Strengthen strengths and weaken (supposed) weaknesses
  • Help with crisis management
  • Create clarity
  • Uncover inner potential and make it accessible
  • Change unloved behavior patterns and obsolete beliefs
  • Extent decision-making skills
  • Support career planning
  • ....and much more

Job application training and consulting can....

  • Create professional job application documents with you according to German standards
  • Give you valuable tips on job hunting
  • Optimize your social media profiles
  • Prepare yourself for job interviews in role-playing games
  • Check job offers with you
  • Provide you with important information about work-start

Intercultural training can...

  • Open your horizons for the perspectives and actions of other people
  • Help you to read conflicts and problems interculturally
  • Simplify collaboration with people from all over the world
  • Strengthen your team
  • Support you during or after a move to another country